Thursday, December 17, 2020

Vajrayogini Thangka

Vajrayogini thangka Vajrayogini_thangka

This thangka print of Vajrayogini is available for purchase here

Vajrayogini (aka Naro Dakini) is the Buddha in the female form of the clear light mind. Here she is standing in her tetrahedron, which is within the mystical landscape of her mandala. Her protector Chitipati is in the lower right. This thangka was commissioned for a temple in western Massachusetts. The teacher in that temple asked that the background blend the physical environment and animals of Massachusetts with those of Tibet. In accordance with this wish I painted jewel-bearing naginis and a tantrika in the lower left. A Western longevity dakini and bear-faced dakini are on the middle left and a Tibetan longevity dakini and a Crow-faced dakini are to the right.

Giclee of archival inks on acid-free rag paper. Signed, limited edition.


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