Thursday, December 17, 2020

Green Tara Thangka


Green Tara thangka Green_Tara_thangka

This thangka print of Green Tara is available for purchase here

In this thangka Green Tara is surrounded by Machig Labdron in the lower right, Green Tara in her aspect of Protector from Fire in the lower left and Atisha at the top. Tara appears in the mystical background of Pagosa Hot Springs, Colorado. This thangka was commissioned as a meditational deity for the practice of Green Tara and as an offering to accumulate positive karma by a Buddhist who wanted to protect his community of Pagosa Springs from forest fire. She is revered as the aspect of the Buddha that can transform and open the practitioner's mind to great compassion and with loving kindness, skillful means and wisdom, take that compassion out into the world. This is symbolized by her right leg and foot stepping out of the meditation posture (of White Tara) onto the Lotus footrest and out into the world. This image is an amalgamation of various Green Tara proportional grids and images chosen in working closely with my client to best help him in his visualization process. The painting has a number of local sites and animals, such as raven, coyote, bear and deer, as well as the Pagosa hot springs themselves and the local mountain silhouette.

Giclee of archival inks on acid-free rag paper. Signed, limited edition.

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